Weekly Recap 5-16

It feels like its been forever since I had the chance to do a weekly recap! I really like doing these because it always me to reflect back on my week and see all the fun or not so fun things I got to do! If you are interested in this link up check out Diaries of an Essex Girl. She’s the host and has amazing posts! I am going to start with last Friday because it was the start of my summer and it was one of the most important nights of my life. (so far)

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Friday 4/9 

Today I woke up extremely early moved my roommate out of our dorm and then headed to Providence to meet my best friend’s boyfriend and attend the 1975 concert. I was really nervous to meet her boyfriend because I wasn’t sure what to expect. They had been dating for a year and our schedules never really matched up so I never had the opportunity to meet him. I’m the friend that is very protective over my best friends and its hard to please me but her boyfriend is truly wonderful. He treats her with respect and is extremely supportive. We have very similar taste in music which made it easy for me to talk to him too!

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After meeting him we decided to check out the venue we would be going to tonight. To our surprise there was already a line. It was 2:30 and the doors opened at 8. Since it was a GA show we didn’t want to risk anything and got in line. Over the course of 5 hours we meet some younger fans who seemed a bit too obsessive over the 1975 looks and not music which was frustrating to someone like me who is into their aesthetic, intellect, meaning and music. After all I have been following them since their first release!


When the time came for the show to start I was three people from the stage, smack dab in the middle. The openers were Sir Sly and Bad Suns. They both played a really energetic set with extremely catchy songs. The rifts in all the songs are so catchy. During the openers performance, Matty Healy, the lead singer of the 1975 was chilling in the rafters drumming along to the song or flipping the crowd off. When the time came for the 1975 to come on I was immediately pushed into the person in front of me. I made eye contact with Matty and I believe he could tell I wasn’t the most comfortable. I have anxiety when it comes to being in a crowd and after getting pulled down by my hair I figured it was time for me to move to the back. After one final eye contact with Matty I saluted him and moved to the back to enjoy the rest of the show. The rest of the show was flawless. They were the cleanest sounding band I’ve ever seen live. Matty’s voice was even better than the record and he did a phenomenal job changing up the melodies enough to make it refreshing. He also was the picture perfect example of a British rockstar. Shaggy black hair being swung all over the place, red wine bottle and cigarette in hand with a mic in the other swinging it around all the time. It was an unforgettable night and I can’t wait to see them live again.


Saturday 4/10 

I moved out of my dorm which was actually quite sad. I was excited to get home though and see my puppies! The moment I got home I found out my best friend was home for the city and I quickly made plans with her to go into town and grab coffee and froyo. It was really good to be in the company who is in the same place as me in life.


Sunday 4/11

It was Mother’s Day in America and I spent all of it at work. It was nice to get back in the swing of things and earn money for Oxford!


Monday 4/12

I spent today at work as well and as soon as I got home I put in Carrie and fell asleep right after it finished.


Tuesday 4/13 

Today I ran all over town fixing my brothers phone, placing requests for pounds and finally seeing Spiderman 2! I absolutely loved it, especially since I am the number one fan of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield!


Wednesday 4/14

I ended up picking up a shift at work so I spent the morning working out and doing laundry before going to work in the evening.


Thursday 4/15

I didn’t have to work today so I offered to get stuff to make for dinner. I picked up my pounds, got gas and went grocery shopping before coming home making dinner and then going to yoga with my mom. After a really relaxing session at a local studio I came home, started Insurgent and watched the Grey’s Anatomy finale, which I sobbed through the entire time.


Friday 4/16      

I was originally supposed to work today but I was able to get it covered because my cousin is coming for the night. I’m really excited to see her because I probably won’t get to see her for the rest of the summer!

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Weekly Recap 5/2

This is how the week went…


Monday: This was the start of the last week of classes! Yay!! After a quick french class with a review for my scary exam Wednesday, I headed to a surf shop to meet with a surfer who is going to be the focus of my group’s mini documentary for my multimedia class. We ended up meeting a guy who has surfed for 15 years and was really excited about the project!

Tuesday: I spent Tuesday day dreaming of summer while the rain poured down outside. I ended up going over to my friend’s dorm and spent the night studying for another french exam and looking at their pictures of London! I’m getting so excited!

Wednesday: After a french exam that I feel fairly confident on (that’s surprising) I met with my advisor who explained that I could study abroad for a year. That of course made my entire semester but that changed after a phone call with my mom. Enter the beginning of my existential crisis. You can read that here.

Thursday: Today was a weird day. It was the third day in a row where it had rained. I had my philosophy class which got out early. I didn’t have my multimedia class, my bio class was the only normal scheduled class. I spent the evening taking the first part of my political science final. The score on that was not good at all I was pretty upset for the rest of the evening about it. I was able to get those feelings out in words those which I believe is the best way to release frustration.

Friday: Today was a truly lovely day. The sun was shining. It was 65 degrees and I could wear shorts. After the last class of my sophomore year I went down to the beach with the girls in my mini-documentary project to film some surfers. Watching them surf makes me want to get into it! After our final chicken nugget Friday of the year my roommates and I spent the afternoon driving around the island and singing at the top of our lungs with the windows down. We ended up taking a mini nap in the car because we were so tired! It was such a relaxing afternoon so I spent my evening preparing myself for my French final exam Monday.


Coming up

Saturday: Another morning will be spent at the beach filming surfers and hopefully getting an interview! I plan on studying all day for French, hopefully by myself and with a group before going to babysit for the evening!

Sunday: This day will be fully dedicated to French. Wish my luck!







This song has been on repeat since he released it today. Oh how I’ve missed you Ed ❤

Weekly Recap 4-25

Hello darlings! It is time for the weekly recap!


Monday: I came back to school today, which was completely bittersweet. I love being back with my friends and by the ocean but saying goodbye to my family and puppies was really hard. I ended up spending the day unpacking and watching Sex and The City because I’m obsessed.

Tuesday: I had four classes today and they flew by. In my media class my group and I decided on making a surfing documentary for our final project, which I am really excited about. I can’t wait to hear all the exciting stories the surfers on the island have to tell us. In politics we had a discussion on the Armenian genocide which was extremely interesting.

Wednesday: After a intense French class I spent the day catching up on all the homework I had been avoiding all week. I also was able to get a really good workout in with my roommate which made it more entertaining! I found out that the 1975, Lorde, Sky Ferriera, and Childish Gambino are playing Boston Calling while I’m in London which broke my heart at bit because I’ll be in London, but I’ll be in London so I think I’ll live.

Thursday: This was an insane day. After four classes and planning to go to a social entrepreneurship conference during the weekend I found out my two friends couldn’t attend the conference with me. This was a dilemma because I didn’t want to spend two days by myself in Providence.

Friday: Today I decided not to go to the conference which ended up being a blessing in disguise. I was able to sleep in a bit and go to yoga which really relaxed me for the weekend. As for the evening plans, my roommates and I are going to go out to dinner, watch the sunset at the beach and finish it up with a movie!

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Weekly Recap 4-18-14

Hello!! I hope you all have had a lovely week! I am linking up with Katie from Daily Diaries again this week! I really enjoy doing this so I hope you do too!

Monday: I sat through French class again and did not get my exam back which was very frustrating! Later in the afternoon my roommate Alex and I went to my universities Career Development office to pick up my business cards and interview the director of Career Development for a Translating Research project due for my MultiMedia class. We also interviewed my friend Marco for the project too! I ended the night we T25 Beta and packing to go home on Tuesday!

Tuesday: Today I skipped my bio and politics class so I could come home for my Easter Break! It was raining the entire day, which is something I enjoy so the drive home was very peaceful. It was so nice to be home after 5 weeks of being away. I was so happy to see my puppies! My mom and I went to Yoga and made Chocolate Vanilla truffles. It ended up being a really relaxing afternoon.photo

Wednesday: Today I was woken up early by my two dogs, which was a bit frustrating on my first day of vacation. I got up and planned to go climb Sugarloaf, my town’s local mountain, but there was snow on the ground! Yes snow in the middle of April. I ended up spending the day working on my homework for school so I can spend my weekend in CT with my family. I ended getting halfway through Persuasion in one day. I have finally fallen in love with a Jane Austin book. My best friend also flew out to LA to move out there. It hasn’t hit me that I don’t know when I’ll see her again so I’m waiting for that to come.

Thursday: I finally got to sleep in which was a relief. I had to bring my family van to the car dealerships so I spent a lot of today driving around different cars. The weather was also nice enough to climb up Sugarloaf, which my dogs were very pleased about That afternoon my mom treated me to a mani & pedi with her. Afterwords we went grocery shopping and made a delicious dinner, which my whole family finally sat down together and ate. That evening I was able to finish my bio homework and watch Grey’s Anatomy and the Scandal season finale. It was quite the successful day.Processed with VSCOcam with k3 preset

Friday: Today I had to wake up early to drive my mom to school because my car is in the shop and I need a car to go to my annual doctors appointment. I plan on spending the afternoon finishing up Persuasion and possibly going to my little brother’s baseball game. My best friend who lives in NYC is coming back home which I am so excited about because I haven’t seen her since the beginning of January. We have plans to attend another one of our high school friend’s 22nd birthday party. It will be good to see old high school friends!

Saturday&Sunday: I am headed to CT these days with my family to see my mom’s side of the family! The last time I saw them was Christmas so it has been a while! I can’t wait to see my younger cousins to see how much they have grown! I’m not quite sure what they all have planned for Easter but I’m sure it is going to be interesting!



Weekly Recap 4-13-14

You have probably noticed I’ve been really MIA this week and that is for good reason I swear! Here’s how my week went…


Saturday&Sunday: Saturday night I went out with my friends to a house party, that was quite boring until it almost got busted by the cops which made the night a little more lively! Sunday I spent the day slaving over my French textbook to try and pass my exam (which I get back tomorrow! Yikes!)




Monday: After taking my French exam, I spent the day catching up on all the other homework I neglected this weekend, so it lead to a pretty low key day.

Tuesday: I spent all day in classes again. My Multimedia class was surprising useful though because we were given the whole class to work on our translating research project!

Wednesday: Another morning French class proceeded with homework and chores around the dorm!

Thursday: After a day full of classes I spent the evening zoning out to music and surfing the internet on things to do in Oxford when I am there this May & June!

Friday: After French class I spent the rest of the morning talking in the cafeteria talking with my two best friends Jess and Aleks. We discussed the differences of how American guys treat girls compared to Europeans. It was really interesting. I then drove up to Providence to spend the afternoon and evening with my best friends from home Emma, Renee, and Hannah. We had plans to see Hannah’s show “All Shook Up” later that night so while she was getting ready for her play, Emma, Renee and I hung out at the Starbucks around the corner. While sipping my water a boy came up to me and said “You have something on your face. Oh wait. That’s just beauty.” As you can imagined I turned bright red and thanked him profusely. It easily made my evening. After a fantastic show from Hannah’s part, I left Providence to head back to Newport. I was back on the island when I got a call saying that Emma had left her truck keys in my car, which meant I had to drive all the way back to Providence to return then which was frustrating but my amazing roommate came with me to make the drive less lonely.


Saturday: I woke up extremely early to attend my pre-departure orientation for my trips to Oxford and London. It was really good to see who else from my university was studying abroad and I was able to meet some people that were going to London too! It got me extremely excited to study abroad and I wish I was there now! After that my roommates and I spent the day outside by the ocean with our ice coffees because it was really hot out! That evening we attended my universities dance show, watched the Outsiders (i ❤ Rob Lowe) and finished the evening with Ed Sheeran’s lovely SNL performances.



Sunday: I spent most of the day with my bio textbook taking quizzes and doing online homework. I have plans to watch the 1975 Coachella set later tonight and I am extremely excited to see them play. It’s getting more excited for the concert later this spring!

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Track Review: Sing by Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran has been in my life for 3 years now. I came across his debut album in 2011 when it came out in the UK and I have never looked back. I fell in love with his affectionate lyrics and incredible musical ability. When I saw him live for the first time it was at Gillette Stadium for Taylor Swift’s Red Tour. I immediately broke down in tears because not only did he create all the beats, harmonies, and riffs by just using a loop pedal, he also got a stadium of about 70,000 people to sing in three part harmony. He certainly knows how to captivate a room.

When I first heard his title of his new single of his upcoming album “x” I was very hesitant. All it sounded to me was a bubble gum pop song and I was very concern that it wouldn’t be the Ed that I had grown to love. Believe “Sing” is not the Ed I’ve grown to love. It’s better.

Image“Sing” has R&B, Hip/Hop vibes and like everyone is saying sounds awfully like Justin Timberlake’s “Justified” and “Future Love/Sex Sounds”. “Asked if he might have been unconsciously inspired by Timberlake on “Sing,” Sheeran proves willing to go beyond that: “It was pretty close to a direct inspiration,” he says. “I love Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds, so I took inspiration from those.”(Source)

The song begins with heavy bass and an acoustic guitar riff, with an electric guitar joining in at the beginning of the first verse. I especially love the catchy oohs being sung with the 80’s/90’s Rap sounding music playing in the background. The acoustic guitar can be heard throughout the rest of the song which to me shows that Ed is just showing off his R&B influences. I’m not surprised by this sound at all considering all throughout last year he tweeted about working with producers like Pharrell, Lupe Fisaco, Rick Ross, and The Game.  Lyrically, the story is great but they are not the heartfelt lyrics like “Give Me Love.”

Ed has said in recent interviews with both Billboard and The Rolling Stone that “the last album was more young and dewy-eyed and innocent,” he says. “I’ve still got very nice songs on this record. But some of them are bite-y.” (Source) I’m looking forward to hearing some more gritty, up beat songs.

They way I describe the release of this song is like dating someone for three years and never seeing their true self and then having them show you who they really are one day and you realize that they are better then you imagined.




Weekly Recap

Hello! I am so obviously a new blog, but I have been following blogs for quite some time, one of them being Diaries of an Essex Girl. Her blog posts are really inspiring for someone like me who dreams of living abroad on day! Recently she started up a series called Daily Diaries where she recaps her week, and then allows other bloggers to link up their posts about their own week on that post! It’s a really cool way for me to see what other bloggers have been up to, and to let other people beside you lovely followers see what I’ve been up too! So here we go…


Saturday&Sunday: This weekend was extremely relaxing. It rained all weekend so my roommate and I decided to have a girls night in with all the works: wine, chocolate, and 80’s films! (If you haven’t see Oxford Blues, watch it. An 80’s Rob Lowe trying to find at place at Oxford University, what more could you want!)

Monday: This was typical day, French class in the morning and then homework all afternoon with a relaxing weekend

Tuesday: I had four classes today so I spent most of the day in a classroom. It was a beautiful day out so I made sure to get a seat by the window so I could daydream about being at the beach while looking at the ocean! My roommates and I also did a really fun ab workout so I ended up going to bed feeling really healthy!

Wednesday: Once again I had French class in the morning and got more confused with passé composé but I spent the afternoon reading Persuasion, so I was able to get a bit of “me” time in!

Thursday: I had four classes again, but we had a really interesting discussion on if culture exists and if international human right laws protect the people they are supposed to protect in my Comparative Politics class. Let me know what you think in the comment section! I would love to know!

Friday: Today I spent bouncing between Ocean Drive where my friends and I explored the rocky beach.


We then settled down at a cafe called Mokka where we nibbled on chocolate croissants and hot chocolate.


We planned on going to community yoga tonight so I’m really excited to get some relaxation time in!


I’m hoping to do this series every week. If you want more information on it check it out here:

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