I’ve always hated time. The entire concept really irks me. Maybe its because I have an issue with change or maybe its because I’m constantly 10 minutes late and it gives me a bad rap but time and I do not agree with each other. 

I think my issues with time started in 2003 when the song 100 Years by Five for Fighting was released. I remember hearing the lyrics say “When you only got a hundred years to live” an immediately balling my eyes out. My parents did not know how to handle the situation and it took me about 1/2 to explain that I didn’t want to only live 100 years and that if you die when you turn 100 then all my extended family will die soon. Maybe I’ve just always had a fear of death. 

I’ve always tried to find ways to avoid time. Growing up I dreamed of going to Neverland and never growing up forever staying a child. I see now that is unreasonable to think this way…so I make sure to keep some childhood wonder in me. 

I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world who hates time. I feel like so many humans feel the same resentment towards time that I feel. If that is the case, why do we let time continue to exist?

A friend of mine told me that we allow time to exist because it gives context to everything we do as a human race. Does everything need to be put in context?




I Don’t Know About You But I’m Feeling Twenty…Just Twenty.

number twenty birthday candle

Two weeks ago today I turned 20, and I have never felt more in limbo.

I can name two good things that have come out of the age of 20 so far. I can say I’ve lived 2 decades, and I am less than a year away from turning 21, the legal drinking age in the US and the final stage to becoming an adult. The rest of being 20 is pure limbo. You no longer can blame lashing out on your teenage angst, because you are no longer a teenager. If you are like me and still live with your parents, you still get treated like a teenager (not being allowed to travel places alone) yet are constantly being asked to act like an adult.

The reason for all of this is because 2o serves no purpose. Nothing comes out of it and until laws change or the whole concept of time changes 20 will forever be the age where young people are in a purgatory like state.

If you know what the age 20 is for please share your wisdom.




The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Hello darlings. Today has been my first day off this week and because of this I am feeling a bit stumped when it comes to the posts I want to do next. But I was able to find a wonderful link-up that I decided to join today.


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see you this weekend for some reviews



Oops…I Did It Again

Oops… I did it again. I said I would be back to regular postings and then I went on vacation. Now here we are a week later with no new posts for over a week, and me feeling like the worst blogger in the world. Alas I thumb promise (I don’t believe in pinky promises because people always break them) that I will be back this week with a post every single day! This is what you can look forward to.

An album review

A track review

An Artist Alert

One or two new Remembering Oxford

A book review

An Ode to my Ex

A “mixtape” or a playlist of what I’ve been listening to

and since I’m feeling really guilty…possibly a post about a boy I’ve mentioned once before





Weekly Recap 5-16

It feels like its been forever since I had the chance to do a weekly recap! I really like doing these because it always me to reflect back on my week and see all the fun or not so fun things I got to do! If you are interested in this link up check out Diaries of an Essex Girl. She’s the host and has amazing posts! I am going to start with last Friday because it was the start of my summer and it was one of the most important nights of my life. (so far)

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Friday 4/9 

Today I woke up extremely early moved my roommate out of our dorm and then headed to Providence to meet my best friend’s boyfriend and attend the 1975 concert. I was really nervous to meet her boyfriend because I wasn’t sure what to expect. They had been dating for a year and our schedules never really matched up so I never had the opportunity to meet him. I’m the friend that is very protective over my best friends and its hard to please me but her boyfriend is truly wonderful. He treats her with respect and is extremely supportive. We have very similar taste in music which made it easy for me to talk to him too!

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After meeting him we decided to check out the venue we would be going to tonight. To our surprise there was already a line. It was 2:30 and the doors opened at 8. Since it was a GA show we didn’t want to risk anything and got in line. Over the course of 5 hours we meet some younger fans who seemed a bit too obsessive over the 1975 looks and not music which was frustrating to someone like me who is into their aesthetic, intellect, meaning and music. After all I have been following them since their first release!


When the time came for the show to start I was three people from the stage, smack dab in the middle. The openers were Sir Sly and Bad Suns. They both played a really energetic set with extremely catchy songs. The rifts in all the songs are so catchy. During the openers performance, Matty Healy, the lead singer of the 1975 was chilling in the rafters drumming along to the song or flipping the crowd off. When the time came for the 1975 to come on I was immediately pushed into the person in front of me. I made eye contact with Matty and I believe he could tell I wasn’t the most comfortable. I have anxiety when it comes to being in a crowd and after getting pulled down by my hair I figured it was time for me to move to the back. After one final eye contact with Matty I saluted him and moved to the back to enjoy the rest of the show. The rest of the show was flawless. They were the cleanest sounding band I’ve ever seen live. Matty’s voice was even better than the record and he did a phenomenal job changing up the melodies enough to make it refreshing. He also was the picture perfect example of a British rockstar. Shaggy black hair being swung all over the place, red wine bottle and cigarette in hand with a mic in the other swinging it around all the time. It was an unforgettable night and I can’t wait to see them live again.


Saturday 4/10 

I moved out of my dorm which was actually quite sad. I was excited to get home though and see my puppies! The moment I got home I found out my best friend was home for the city and I quickly made plans with her to go into town and grab coffee and froyo. It was really good to be in the company who is in the same place as me in life.


Sunday 4/11

It was Mother’s Day in America and I spent all of it at work. It was nice to get back in the swing of things and earn money for Oxford!


Monday 4/12

I spent today at work as well and as soon as I got home I put in Carrie and fell asleep right after it finished.


Tuesday 4/13 

Today I ran all over town fixing my brothers phone, placing requests for pounds and finally seeing Spiderman 2! I absolutely loved it, especially since I am the number one fan of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield!


Wednesday 4/14

I ended up picking up a shift at work so I spent the morning working out and doing laundry before going to work in the evening.


Thursday 4/15

I didn’t have to work today so I offered to get stuff to make for dinner. I picked up my pounds, got gas and went grocery shopping before coming home making dinner and then going to yoga with my mom. After a really relaxing session at a local studio I came home, started Insurgent and watched the Grey’s Anatomy finale, which I sobbed through the entire time.


Friday 4/16      

I was originally supposed to work today but I was able to get it covered because my cousin is coming for the night. I’m really excited to see her because I probably won’t get to see her for the rest of the summer!

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3 Things That Happen When You Move Back Home

I recently moved back home after finishing my sophomore year of college. This summer is going to be a bit different because my best friends are all living in different parts of the country. Last summer they were all home so I was constantly out with them. Since they are away this summer I have been and will be spending a lot of time at home. Here are three things that have happened since I’ve arrived home.


1) You become the gopher. 

There isn’t a morning where I wake up and don’t have at least 5 text messages from my mom and dad giving me a list of things to do. I am constantly driving around my town to run errands for my mom, dad and brother.


2) You begin to cook the meals 

When I don’t have work in the evenings I end up being the only one home until 5-6 because of my parents work and my brothers baseball game. Since I am the only one home around dinner time I end up cooking the meals, mostly because I have time. It also gives my parents a break.


3) You begin to do things on your own

I’ve spent more alone time this past week than any other week of my life. I’ve ended up going into town just to window shop or grab coffee. Being by  yourself all the time is exactly better relaxing!




How to Survive Finals Week

Every college student is dying to know the secret to surviving the dreadful week known as “Finals Week.” Now I’ve only had four of these weeks in total at my past two years at University but since I only have four left I think I have a good idea of how to handle them.

1) Tell yourself that you aren’t going to procrastinate and going to start studying Friday and continue throughout the whole weekend to make sure you really know the stuff for your cumulative exam Monday. Set up your stuff in the common room and then realize that you cannot tackle it without coffee, specifically a high quality one. Get you coffee and realize that it would be best to relive some stress by driving around. Proceed to drive around 5 hours and waste your day.

2) Set an alarm for 9 am on Saturday so you have the whole day to study. Proceed to press snooze until 10. Don’t actually get out of bed until 10:30. Take a long shower because you realize you need to shave because you want to wear shorts. After getting ready wait until your roommates are ready so you can all start studying together although you all have different classes.

3) Make the decision to study outside because you truly believe that being outside in a park is what really is going to help you focus. Study for an hour before deciding now would be a great day to practice your photography skills. Leave the park for another drive.


4) Go to a study review session your professor is holding and spend the whole time talking about french cheeses and drinking.

5) As the finals week begins spend as much time as you can catching up with the people in your dorms. Now is the best time to meet new people. Force as many conversations as possible and then blame then for distracting you from your studies.

6) Decide to go to a study review session with your peers. Use the time to watch new music videos and discuss the meanings/inspiration behind them.

7) Spend the one full day off you have without finals, watching YouTube videos about Kevin Spacey because you think he will inspire you to study. Gawk over your Multi Media’s group documentary on surfing. Premiere it to everyone on your floor.

8) Daydream about your school yard crush and tell yourself that you need to do something about it before they become the “one that got away.” Then add them on Instagram and tell yourself the ball is in his court.

9) Mentally prepare what you are going to pack up each day and then don’t pack at all

10) Watch the sunset with your best friends and let the stress of finals wash away with the ocean waves. After all you only have a few more days with them and you realize that good friendships are more important than an exam score anyway.