April’s Obessions

We still have 2 weeks until April is over, so I figured that it is still acceptable to make a post about my favorites this month. What I’ve noticed about this month is that everything that I’ve been obsessing over are throwbacks. Lets take a look



Yes, I realize this show has been on TV since 1998 and only recently ended with its second feature film in 2010. I just never really got into it until my best friend, Renee texted me saying that I was officially the Charlotte of my friend group. This immediately concerned me because I had no clue who she was and everyone agreed with her so I had to investigate. After finishing the first season I can definitely see myself as Charlotte of the group and I can definitely see this being my best friends and I when we are thirty.




Back in 2011 when One Direction was just coming to America I was one of those girls who was in love with them. Eventually the sparkle around them faded in my eyes and I moved on. This past month I rediscovered there sophomore album and fell in love with their most recent titled “Midnight Memories” ( I mean the guitar on Little Black Dress!) I think the fact that their music is so upbeat and springy is why they have been played constantly on my iPod.




I am slowly giving away spring/summer clothing and bringing in a new wardrobe and fabric shorts are an essential in my closet. This pair is from Forever 21. What I like the most about these shorts is that most of them are high waisted, which makes it easier for someone who isn’t as comfortable with crop tops rock them without feeling completely exposed. I also like how they come in so many different patterns! I love the solid color on top with patterns on the bottom. Its different from the usual colorful top and plain bottoms.




As soon as the temperature reaches 50 degrees I break out my sandals. These leather sandals are just an example of a pair I am looking for. They are from Forever 21. I really like the leather look, its so effortless looking to me. They also go with almost everything which makes them really versatile. I plan on getting at least two pairs, one brown and one black.





I think everyone has always wanted two things: a record player and a polaroid camera. Why I really want one now is because I realized I’ve document so much of my teenage youth on the internet that I’ll have nothing physical to save or show my children, grandchildren etc. If I have an instant camera it will make things like that easier!



What have been your obsessions lately?