Artist Alert: Jake Bugg



I discovered Jake Bugg this past spring while snooping around a record store. I was talking to the owner about the 1975 (when am I not talking about them) and explaining how they sometimes had this old school but at the same time completely unique sound that I hadn’t heard in the music industry before. That’s when he said I had to go home and listen to Jake Bugg. The moment I heard the rough strums of the guitar I realized that Jake Bugg was like nothing in the industry.

With a voice that sounds like a folk toned Buddy Holly and songwriting that has been compared to Bob Dylan it is no surprise to see this 20 year old Nottingham native shooting to the top of the industry. Bugg says that music didn’t really take over his life until the age of 12 and by the time he was 17 years old  he was offered a spot on the Introductory stage at Glastonbury Music Festival 2011 by the BBC. He hadn’t even put out a song on the radio.


He headlined Glastonbury again in June of 2012 before releasing his self-titled debut album in October of 2012. Some of his more known singles like Broken, Two Fingers, and Lighting Bolt came from that album. In 2013 he headlined Glastonbury once again and released his sophomore album Shangri La which features Slumville Sunrise, Me and You, Messed Up Kids and What Doesn’t Kill You. 

He isn’t one for fame and more than often you can find a headline of him complaining about the industry, festivals, and pop music which does make one feel like he is constantly putting down the industry the built him up. I just tell myself that it is the British pessimistic side coming out.
If you enjoyed Mr. Bugg and would like to see more of him he is going to be opening for The Black Keys in the US this fall and going out on his biggest UK headlining tour yet this fall as well.




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