Album Review: X (Multiply) by Ed Sheeran



Many artists fail when it comes to releasing a sophomore album that tops their debut album. Ed Sheeran is not the case. Multiply came out June 23rd and since then has become the fastest selling record of 2014. Boy does it deserve that title.

“X” does exactly what Sheeran needed to do, have plenty of heartfelt love songs, mixed with 90’s hip hop songs. From start to finish there is hit after hit after hit, which is what makes this sophomore album so spectacular. The album leads off with a typical Sheeran ballad about lost love titled “One” before heading into a more upbeat tune, which is a tad different for Sheeran titled “I’m A Mess.” Sheeran has definitely dabbled in genres more than acoustic singer/songwriter. Many of the songs have a hip/hop feel which Sheeran pulls off effortlessly.

What I love about Sheeran is how easily I can connect his songs to memories which is another reason why his album has been on repeat the past week. Stand outs to me on this album would include “Photograph” “Thinking Out Loud” “Tenerife Sea” and “Don’t”. Let it be known that all of tracks on this album are incredible these have just stood out to me. You must go into this album with an open mind and understand it is not a replica of “+” but instead an extension and growth from it.






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