Artist Alert: Shannon Saunders


2013_10_01_ShannonSaunders_058 2013_10_01_ShannonSaunders_070 2013_10_01_ShannonSaunders_082 2013_10_01_ShannonSaunders_137


I came across Shannon Saunders this past spring while looking for unique female singer/songwriters. I am constantly listening to male singer/songwriters but needed a female artist to listen to to really get my girl perspective in song. Shannon Saunders does just that.

A native to London Saunders got her start on YouTube in 2009. After putting out a range of covers she gained the attention of ATC Management who got her connected with Jake Gosling, a producer known for working with Ed Sheeran. In January of 2013, Saunders released her first single “Heart of Blue” followed by “Scars” and “Atlas” that was released this past December.

She has toured with artist like Lewis Watson and Lucy Spraggan and has some festivals lined up for this upcoming summer.

Saunders recently announced that her debut album is finished and that she has just signed to Kwame Kwaten’s label. 

The past three singles she released are very singer/songwriter-esque but from her recent instagram videos it sounds as if she is going in a more electronic direction. Either way her songwriting is brilliant and refreshing and I can’t wait to hear what is coming up with her.


Here is one of my favorite song of hers. It hasn’t been released yet but I’m always playing it on YouTube.





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