Night Out & Falling In Love

I fall in love fast and hard. I don’t actually fall in love, its more like I am charmed easily. Its a good and bad thing. Friday was no exception to me falling in love. After a long day of classes my friends and I decided that a night out on the town was exactly what we needed. After a quick change we all grabbed the bus to the city center.

As soon as we got there hunger began to kick in. We had forgotten about dinner. Luckily, the White Horse pub had an open seat, gin, and fish and chips. After a quick meal we began to walk the streets looking for the busiest pub. We quickly found the Turf Tavern, a pub famous for two things. The former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke set the Guinness World Record for consuming a yard of ale in 11 seconds, AND Bill Clinton apparently smoked but “did not inhale.” Sure Bill, whatever you say.

After enjoying some more gin&tonic my friends and I began to look for another pub. We were disappointed to discovered that many were crowded with middle aged adults and not students. We wandered for another 1/2 hour until the Dew Drop, what I consider my local pub was brought up. “It’s open til 11 and is guaranteed to be fun.” I stated. With that we were on our way.


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Another gin&tonic and we were set discussing past boyfriends. I began to notice that many people were leaving and it was getting late, we had to be up for London at 9:30. I mentioned that we should head out and with that we brought our drinks up to the bar. Enter the falling in love.

Blondie (the bartender who I have fallen for) was washing glasses when I sat mine down. “Sorry we are here so late” I said with a small smile. “Don’t worry about it we don’t close for another half hour” he said, his accent dripping. Somehow I was able to divert the conversation to asking him where he lives. He explained that he was living up the street but only here for another month before heading back to what I believe was the University of Bristol. I explained I was doing the same but heading back to the States. From there the conversation seemed to flow, him asking about the drinking age and explaining how Germans drink beer like water and me excitedly telling him how I’m attending Octoberfest.

I’m not quite sure how our conversation end and picked up again with the brunette but somehow it did. Brunette asked us how our night was and we vented how we didn’t really know where to go out. “Oh, so you need someone to show you around? I have Thursday off, I can do it” he stated. “That would be perfect.” my friend exclaimed. “I’m Ashley, you should probably know our names” I said holding out my hand. “Patch” he said smiling. “I won’t remember them now but I’m sure I’ll see you girls before Thursday” he chuckled. We all blushed, laughed and nodded. It was then when Patch got called back to work.”Thanks again” we said waving goodbye. “Cheers” I heard a voice. I turned around to see Blondie washing glasses once again. “Cheers” I said back. “Oh wait, I’m not sure if you say it back to the person who said it” I rambled. He chuckled and smiled. I blushed and died inside.

Love has struck me and I have plans Thursday.

I love England.








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