Oxford and Pubs

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve disappeared over the past couple of days. I apologize once again. It’s just…I’m in Oxford and it is wonderful.

We arrived at Heathrow at 9 in the morning and after only 2 hours of sleep on the plane I was already tired. Never the less we got onto a bus and travel about 45 minutes to Summertown a portion of Oxford where I would be staying while studying here for the next month.

Summertown is one of the most charming places I’ve ever been. With Victorian houses lining the streets leading into the town center, where there are more grocery stores than pubs. In fact there is only one pub, The Dew Drop.

Now considering the fact I am underage in America I never have gone to a bar and I’ve never been to England so I’ve never been to a pub either. My professor told us this would be a good place for my friends and I to get lunch before we began our walking tour of Oxford. We all happily agreed and 15 of us dashed inside the pub. That’s when the culture shock hit us.

We all assumed that there would be a host podium and someone would seat us at our tables. After 10 minutes of looking around and having the locals glare at us, one of my friends mustered up the courage to asked how to get a seat. The bartender, an older women explained that we can seat ourselves and that we come up when we want to order food and drinks and pay there. Back on track and happy we walked towards the back and pushed some tables together to make sure as many of us could sit together as possible. The second bartender, a British boy in his 20’s came over and helped us move the tables together, which was extremely sweet, and charmed the socks off of me.

After debating on what we wanted for lunch all 15 of us lined up at the bar waiting to place our orders. I joyfully said my order to the bartender that helped us move the tables and he chuckled and smiled at me again, making butterflies form in my stomach. After a delicious meal we were unsure if we needed to bring the plates up, considering the fact that we did order our food from the bar. I tip toed up to the bar and politely asked the third bartender, a blonde boy if we should bring our plates up. He smiled and said “that’s alright I’ll take care of them.” Once again I was swept off my feet.

I love pubs.




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