Weekly Recap 5-16

It feels like its been forever since I had the chance to do a weekly recap! I really like doing these because it always me to reflect back on my week and see all the fun or not so fun things I got to do! If you are interested in this link up check out Diaries of an Essex Girl. She’s the host and has amazing posts! I am going to start with last Friday because it was the start of my summer and it was one of the most important nights of my life. (so far)

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Friday 4/9 

Today I woke up extremely early moved my roommate out of our dorm and then headed to Providence to meet my best friend’s boyfriend and attend the 1975 concert. I was really nervous to meet her boyfriend because I wasn’t sure what to expect. They had been dating for a year and our schedules never really matched up so I never had the opportunity to meet him. I’m the friend that is very protective over my best friends and its hard to please me but her boyfriend is truly wonderful. He treats her with respect and is extremely supportive. We have very similar taste in music which made it easy for me to talk to him too!

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After meeting him we decided to check out the venue we would be going to tonight. To our surprise there was already a line. It was 2:30 and the doors opened at 8. Since it was a GA show we didn’t want to risk anything and got in line. Over the course of 5 hours we meet some younger fans who seemed a bit too obsessive over the 1975 looks and not music which was frustrating to someone like me who is into their aesthetic, intellect, meaning and music. After all I have been following them since their first release!


When the time came for the show to start I was three people from the stage, smack dab in the middle. The openers were Sir Sly and Bad Suns. They both played a really energetic set with extremely catchy songs. The rifts in all the songs are so catchy. During the openers performance, Matty Healy, the lead singer of the 1975 was chilling in the rafters drumming along to the song or flipping the crowd off. When the time came for the 1975 to come on I was immediately pushed into the person in front of me. I made eye contact with Matty and I believe he could tell I wasn’t the most comfortable. I have anxiety when it comes to being in a crowd and after getting pulled down by my hair I figured it was time for me to move to the back. After one final eye contact with Matty I saluted him and moved to the back to enjoy the rest of the show. The rest of the show was flawless. They were the cleanest sounding band I’ve ever seen live. Matty’s voice was even better than the record and he did a phenomenal job changing up the melodies enough to make it refreshing. He also was the picture perfect example of a British rockstar. Shaggy black hair being swung all over the place, red wine bottle and cigarette in hand with a mic in the other swinging it around all the time. It was an unforgettable night and I can’t wait to see them live again.


Saturday 4/10 

I moved out of my dorm which was actually quite sad. I was excited to get home though and see my puppies! The moment I got home I found out my best friend was home for the city and I quickly made plans with her to go into town and grab coffee and froyo. It was really good to be in the company who is in the same place as me in life.


Sunday 4/11

It was Mother’s Day in America and I spent all of it at work. It was nice to get back in the swing of things and earn money for Oxford!


Monday 4/12

I spent today at work as well and as soon as I got home I put in Carrie and fell asleep right after it finished.


Tuesday 4/13 

Today I ran all over town fixing my brothers phone, placing requests for pounds and finally seeing Spiderman 2! I absolutely loved it, especially since I am the number one fan of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield!


Wednesday 4/14

I ended up picking up a shift at work so I spent the morning working out and doing laundry before going to work in the evening.


Thursday 4/15

I didn’t have to work today so I offered to get stuff to make for dinner. I picked up my pounds, got gas and went grocery shopping before coming home making dinner and then going to yoga with my mom. After a really relaxing session at a local studio I came home, started Insurgent and watched the Grey’s Anatomy finale, which I sobbed through the entire time.


Friday 4/16      

I was originally supposed to work today but I was able to get it covered because my cousin is coming for the night. I’m really excited to see her because I probably won’t get to see her for the rest of the summer!

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One thought on “Weekly Recap 5-16

  1. We began moving this weekend too, it’s so exciting but oh my goodness it’s just such a long procedure! And everything is heavier than you imagine it to be! Haha.
    I’m glad you liked your friend’s boyfriend! I am always relieved when that happens because not liking them is always super awkward.

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