3 Things That Happen When You Move Back Home

I recently moved back home after finishing my sophomore year of college. This summer is going to be a bit different because my best friends are all living in different parts of the country. Last summer they were all home so I was constantly out with them. Since they are away this summer I have been and will be spending a lot of time at home. Here are three things that have happened since I’ve arrived home.


1) You become the gopher. 

There isn’t a morning where I wake up and don’t have at least 5 text messages from my mom and dad giving me a list of things to do. I am constantly driving around my town to run errands for my mom, dad and brother.


2) You begin to cook the meals 

When I don’t have work in the evenings I end up being the only one home until 5-6 because of my parents work and my brothers baseball game. Since I am the only one home around dinner time I end up cooking the meals, mostly because I have time. It also gives my parents a break.


3) You begin to do things on your own

I’ve spent more alone time this past week than any other week of my life. I’ve ended up going into town just to window shop or grab coffee. Being by  yourself all the time is exactly better relaxing!





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