How to Survive Finals Week

Every college student is dying to know the secret to surviving the dreadful week known as “Finals Week.” Now I’ve only had four of these weeks in total at my past two years at University but since I only have four left I think I have a good idea of how to handle them.

1) Tell yourself that you aren’t going to procrastinate and going to start studying Friday and continue throughout the whole weekend to make sure you really know the stuff for your cumulative exam Monday. Set up your stuff in the common room and then realize that you cannot tackle it without coffee, specifically a high quality one. Get you coffee and realize that it would be best to relive some stress by driving around. Proceed to drive around 5 hours and waste your day.

2) Set an alarm for 9 am on Saturday so you have the whole day to study. Proceed to press snooze until 10. Don’t actually get out of bed until 10:30. Take a long shower because you realize you need to shave because you want to wear shorts. After getting ready wait until your roommates are ready so you can all start studying together although you all have different classes.

3) Make the decision to study outside because you truly believe that being outside in a park is what really is going to help you focus. Study for an hour before deciding now would be a great day to practice your photography skills. Leave the park for another drive.


4) Go to a study review session your professor is holding and spend the whole time talking about french cheeses and drinking.

5) As the finals week begins spend as much time as you can catching up with the people in your dorms. Now is the best time to meet new people. Force as many conversations as possible and then blame then for distracting you from your studies.

6) Decide to go to a study review session with your peers. Use the time to watch new music videos and discuss the meanings/inspiration behind them.

7) Spend the one full day off you have without finals, watching YouTube videos about Kevin Spacey because you think he will inspire you to study. Gawk over your Multi Media’s group documentary on surfing. Premiere it to everyone on your floor.

8) Daydream about your school yard crush and tell yourself that you need to do something about it before they become the “one that got away.” Then add them on Instagram and tell yourself the ball is in his court.

9) Mentally prepare what you are going to pack up each day and then don’t pack at all

10) Watch the sunset with your best friends and let the stress of finals wash away with the ocean waves. After all you only have a few more days with them and you realize that good friendships are more important than an exam score anyway.





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