Weekly Recap 5/2

This is how the week went…


Monday: This was the start of the last week of classes! Yay!! After a quick french class with a review for my scary exam Wednesday, I headed to a surf shop to meet with a surfer who is going to be the focus of my group’s mini documentary for my multimedia class. We ended up meeting a guy who has surfed for 15 years and was really excited about the project!

Tuesday: I spent Tuesday day dreaming of summer while the rain poured down outside. I ended up going over to my friend’s dorm and spent the night studying for another french exam and looking at their pictures of London! I’m getting so excited!

Wednesday: After a french exam that I feel fairly confident on (that’s surprising) I met with my advisor who explained that I could study abroad for a year. That of course made my entire semester but that changed after a phone call with my mom. Enter the beginning of my existential crisis. You can read that here.

Thursday: Today was a weird day. It was the third day in a row where it had rained. I had my philosophy class which got out early. I didn’t have my multimedia class, my bio class was the only normal scheduled class. I spent the evening taking the first part of my political science final. The score on that was not good at all I was pretty upset for the rest of the evening about it. I was able to get those feelings out in words those which I believe is the best way to release frustration.

Friday: Today was a truly lovely day. The sun was shining. It was 65 degrees and I could wear shorts. After the last class of my sophomore year I went down to the beach with the girls in my mini-documentary project to film some surfers. Watching them surf makes me want to get into it! After our final chicken nugget Friday of the year my roommates and I spent the afternoon driving around the island and singing at the top of our lungs with the windows down. We ended up taking a mini nap in the car because we were so tired! It was such a relaxing afternoon so I spent my evening preparing myself for my French final exam Monday.


Coming up

Saturday: Another morning will be spent at the beach filming surfers and hopefully getting an interview! I plan on studying all day for French, hopefully by myself and with a group before going to babysit for the evening!

Sunday: This day will be fully dedicated to French. Wish my luck!







This song has been on repeat since he released it today. Oh how I’ve missed you Ed ❤


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap 5/2

  1. Hi Ashley! Saw you on the Daily Diaries link-up. I went back and read your Existential Crisis post – that’s tough. I hope it’s possible to reopen the topic for further discussion with your mom so some sort of peace can be found. Enjoy the sunshine!

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