If  you haven’t noticed I am a huge fan of link ups. I think its a great way to find new blogs and get to be a part of a post with some of your favorite bloggers. One of my favorite bloggers at the moment is Bearika Rose . She is a student just like me and always has creative posts. I swear I relate to every single post. Today she posted about the “notes” section of Facebook used to be all the rage and decided to bring it back with a link up. I love this idea so here we go!! <– (to be read in the cartoon Peter Pan voice)

1) I am 19 years old

2) I consider myself a nomad because I move around a lot

3) I am an English Communication/Global Studies double major

4) I lose my school ID on a daily basis

5) I’m hopeless romantic but hate commitment

6) I’m an avid reader but don’t like Jane Austin novels

7) I have to sleep with a fan on or I can’t fall asleep

8) I fall in love with everything. Person, idea, job, book etc.

9) I like to think I’m a hipster

10) I get anxious when I cannot control a situation

11) I have plans to move to the UK after I graduate

12) Every summer I read at least 3 books on the Kennedy’s

13) I have gone two weeks without eating Nutella

14) I want to have an all white and black wardrobe but I love the color pink too much

15) I still have a baby blanket that sits on my bed

16) I am a music snob

17) I am the student that befriends the teacher

18) If you tell me a corny joke chances are I will want to date you

19) I truly believe that Matty Healy is my soulmate in every way possible

20) I love plants and have 3 in my dorm room

21) I always have to have my toenails painted

22) I’ve kissed more foreigners than Americans.

23) Every one of my celebrity crushes Taylor Swift has dated

24) The 1975 is my favorite album of all time (They are also my favorite band)

25) I’m terrified to turn 20

26) I can recite the alphabet backwards

27) I hate McDonald’s fries

28) The only meat I will eat is chicken, steak, pork, or ham

29) I cannot pronounce anything correctly

30) I hate pinky promises because people break them so I only will make a thumb promise





2 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Ah thank you for the compliments! (I try…) Anyways, after reading your thirty, I’d say we are pretty similar (as in practically the same person). That whole England thing, I’m studying abroad there next year. I’ve got a teddy bear I still sleep with. I think I read about a book a week – though I am a fan of Jane Austen. And #5 is right on par.

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