Weekly Recap 4-18-14

Hello!! I hope you all have had a lovely week! I am linking up with Katie from Daily Diaries again this week! I really enjoy doing this so I hope you do too!

Monday: I sat through French class again and did not get my exam back which was very frustrating! Later in the afternoon my roommate Alex and I went to my universities Career Development office to pick up my business cards and interview the director of Career Development for a Translating Research project due for my MultiMedia class. We also interviewed my friend Marco for the project too! I ended the night we T25 Beta and packing to go home on Tuesday!

Tuesday: Today I skipped my bio and politics class so I could come home for my Easter Break! It was raining the entire day, which is something I enjoy so the drive home was very peaceful. It was so nice to be home after 5 weeks of being away. I was so happy to see my puppies! My mom and I went to Yoga and made Chocolate Vanilla truffles. It ended up being a really relaxing afternoon.photo

Wednesday: Today I was woken up early by my two dogs, which was a bit frustrating on my first day of vacation. I got up and planned to go climb Sugarloaf, my town’s local mountain, but there was snow on the ground! Yes snow in the middle of April. I ended up spending the day working on my homework for school so I can spend my weekend in CT with my family. I ended getting halfway through Persuasion in one day. I have finally fallen in love with a Jane Austin book. My best friend also flew out to LA to move out there. It hasn’t hit me that I don’t know when I’ll see her again so I’m waiting for that to come.

Thursday: I finally got to sleep in which was a relief. I had to bring my family van to the car dealerships so I spent a lot of today driving around different cars. The weather was also nice enough to climb up Sugarloaf, which my dogs were very pleased about That afternoon my mom treated me to a mani & pedi with her. Afterwords we went grocery shopping and made a delicious dinner, which my whole family finally sat down together and ate. That evening I was able to finish my bio homework and watch Grey’s Anatomy and the Scandal season finale. It was quite the successful day.Processed with VSCOcam with k3 preset

Friday: Today I had to wake up early to drive my mom to school because my car is in the shop and I need a car to go to my annual doctors appointment. I plan on spending the afternoon finishing up Persuasion and possibly going to my little brother’s baseball game. My best friend who lives in NYC is coming back home which I am so excited about because I haven’t seen her since the beginning of January. We have plans to attend another one of our high school friend’s 22nd birthday party. It will be good to see old high school friends!

Saturday&Sunday: I am headed to CT these days with my family to see my mom’s side of the family! The last time I saw them was Christmas so it has been a while! I can’t wait to see my younger cousins to see how much they have grown! I’m not quite sure what they all have planned for Easter but I’m sure it is going to be interesting!




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