Weekly Recap 4-13-14

You have probably noticed I’ve been really MIA this week and that is for good reason I swear! Here’s how my week went…


Saturday&Sunday: Saturday night I went out with my friends to a house party, that was quite boring until it almost got busted by the cops which made the night a little more lively! Sunday I spent the day slaving over my French textbook to try and pass my exam (which I get back tomorrow! Yikes!)




Monday: After taking my French exam, I spent the day catching up on all the other homework I neglected this weekend, so it lead to a pretty low key day.

Tuesday: I spent all day in classes again. My Multimedia class was surprising useful though because we were given the whole class to work on our translating research project!

Wednesday: Another morning French class proceeded with homework and chores around the dorm!

Thursday: After a day full of classes I spent the evening zoning out to music and surfing the internet on things to do in Oxford when I am there this May & June!

Friday: After French class I spent the rest of the morning talking in the cafeteria talking with my two best friends Jess and Aleks. We discussed the differences of how American guys treat girls compared to Europeans. It was really interesting. I then drove up to Providence to spend the afternoon and evening with my best friends from home Emma, Renee, and Hannah. We had plans to see Hannah’s show “All Shook Up” later that night so while she was getting ready for her play, Emma, Renee and I hung out at the Starbucks around the corner. While sipping my water a boy came up to me and said “You have something on your face. Oh wait. That’s just beauty.” As you can imagined I turned bright red and thanked him profusely. It easily made my evening. After a fantastic show from Hannah’s part, I left Providence to head back to Newport. I was back on the island when I got a call saying that Emma had left her truck keys in my car, which meant I had to drive all the way back to Providence to return then which was frustrating but my amazing roommate came with me to make the drive less lonely.


Saturday: I woke up extremely early to attend my pre-departure orientation for my trips to Oxford and London. It was really good to see who else from my university was studying abroad and I was able to meet some people that were going to London too! It got me extremely excited to study abroad and I wish I was there now! After that my roommates and I spent the day outside by the ocean with our ice coffees because it was really hot out! That evening we attended my universities dance show, watched the Outsiders (i ❤ Rob Lowe) and finished the evening with Ed Sheeran’s lovely SNL performances.



Sunday: I spent most of the day with my bio textbook taking quizzes and doing online homework. I have plans to watch the 1975 Coachella set later tonight and I am extremely excited to see them play. It’s getting more excited for the concert later this spring!

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