Track Review: Down by The Kooks


The Kooks are back! Well sorta. If you are expecting the “Inside In/Inside” Out Kooks you will be quite surprised. When I first heard that the Kooks would be releasing new music in 2014 I was beyond thrilled. After all I have had their past 3 albums on repeat for as long as I can remember!

“Down” is certainly different from their past singles. It sounds heavily influenced by R&B and Hip Hop, or as Matty Healy would say “black American music.” This was something that I certainly didn’t expect from an originally indie guitar heavy band, but it is extremely catchy. I personally hear almost a Beastie Boys vibe to it with the drum track.

The band has worked with Hip Hop producer and performer Inflo on the track.”With this record we didn’t do any rehearsing beforehand,” Pritchard said in a statement. “I’d write a song with Inflo or on my own, put it up and we’d all play over it. There was a real freedom to the process.” (

I would definitely recommend giving the track a chance before you form an opinion on it. It may not be like the old Kooks but it certainly is an evolution that could bring greatness.





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