Romanticizing Your Teenage Years

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Over the past week, I’ve been feeling very nostalgic, especially when its comes to my high school and “teenage” years (which technically I am still in). As the wise Matty Healy said “When you leave your teenage years, you romanticize about what it was like, and it becomes this whole process of antiquating the past and filling in the gaps with an idealistic view of what actually happened” I really relate to this because as I near my 20th birthday I keep reminiscing on all the crazy adventures my best friends and I would get into.


Two years into college I realized that things are definitely not the same. We don’t have the opportunity to see each other everyday, and sometimes its difficult to communicate throughout the week because each of our schedules are extremely busy. What I’ve concluded from this is that although there are miles between us we are they will still be the first people to hear about all the new things in my life and the memories we have will never go away.

So here’s to my wonderful friends. Thank you for accepting me for who I am, helping me grow as a person, and for being there at all times. Here’s to many more memories.








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