Album Review: “She Looks So Perfect-EP” by 5 Seconds of Summer


Hello pop punk’s newest princes. Meet 5 Seconds of Summer, an Australian band whose EP “She Looks So Perfect” just dropped today. 5SOS probably sounds familiar, especially if you are fans of One Direction. They opened up for the biggest boyband in the world last summer and since then have taken the world by storm.

Before releasing this EP they have headlined multiple tours in Australia, just finished their first UK headlining tour, are in the middle of their European tour, have an American tour planned, and are hitting the road again this summer with One Direction. Yes all of this was planned before they even released this EP.

With sounds reminiscent of All Time Low, Boys Meet Girls, and Mayday Parade, this band surely brings you back to your middle school scene days. The EP itself is very guitar heavy with killer melodies, one can find themselves constantly singing at least one of their songs. Out of the four songs “She Looks So Perfect” and “Heartache on the Big Screen” are definite stand outs.

This is a very impressive EP for such a young band and I can’t wait to see what else these boys have in store for us!





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