I’ve always hated time. The entire concept really irks me. Maybe its because I have an issue with change or maybe its because I’m constantly 10 minutes late and it gives me a bad rap but time and I do not agree with each other. 

I think my issues with time started in 2003 when the song 100 Years by Five for Fighting was released. I remember hearing the lyrics say “When you only got a hundred years to live” an immediately balling my eyes out. My parents did not know how to handle the situation and it took me about 1/2 to explain that I didn’t want to only live 100 years and that if you die when you turn 100 then all my extended family will die soon. Maybe I’ve just always had a fear of death. 

I’ve always tried to find ways to avoid time. Growing up I dreamed of going to Neverland and never growing up forever staying a child. I see now that is unreasonable to think this way…so I make sure to keep some childhood wonder in me. 

I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world who hates time. I feel like so many humans feel the same resentment towards time that I feel. If that is the case, why do we let time continue to exist?

A friend of mine told me that we allow time to exist because it gives context to everything we do as a human race. Does everything need to be put in context?




I Don’t Know About You But I’m Feeling Twenty…Just Twenty.

number twenty birthday candle

Two weeks ago today I turned 20, and I have never felt more in limbo.

I can name two good things that have come out of the age of 20 so far. I can say I’ve lived 2 decades, and I am less than a year away from turning 21, the legal drinking age in the US and the final stage to becoming an adult. The rest of being 20 is pure limbo. You no longer can blame lashing out on your teenage angst, because you are no longer a teenager. If you are like me and still live with your parents, you still get treated like a teenager (not being allowed to travel places alone) yet are constantly being asked to act like an adult.

The reason for all of this is because 2o serves no purpose. Nothing comes out of it and until laws change or the whole concept of time changes 20 will forever be the age where young people are in a purgatory like state.

If you know what the age 20 is for please share your wisdom.




The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Hello darlings. Today has been my first day off this week and because of this I am feeling a bit stumped when it comes to the posts I want to do next. But I was able to find a wonderful link-up that I decided to join today.


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see you this weekend for some reviews



Remembering Oxford: Port Meadow and Binsey

IMG_4215I recently spent the last month studying in Oxford. I moved my life from the US and put it in Oxford for a month and it was one of the most rewarding times of my life. One of the courses I was taking was a literature course which focused on literature based or inspired by Oxford. The first book we read was Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

Its hard to see the connection between Wonderland and Oxford and its very complicated to explain but a quick explanation would be that in Wonderland time stops and everyone is the same age forever, Alice forever being 7. This can be compared to college because often times the people there are going to be forever between the ages of 18-22. The time stops there. Carroll an Oxford professor took the inspiration of time “stopping” at the Oxford Universities and turned it into a story.IMG_4211

IMG_4282The story behind Alice in Wonderland is that one day  Carroll, Henry Liddell and his daughters the Liddell Sisters were punting down the Thames. Alice one of the Liddell sisters asked Carroll to tell them a story while they were punting through Port Meadow, a local common in Oxford. It was there that Alice in Wonderland was born.

Now that you are caught up on how Wonderland relates to Ports Meadow and Binsey, I can finally get into what to expect when you are there. Port Meadow and Binsey are about a 3 mile walk from Summertown which is about 2 miles outside of the city center. Port Meadow has been a grazing area for Oxfordians cattle and horses since ancient times.

IMG_4264I previously posted about this area the day after I went because I was in awe of the beauty that surrounded it. When you walk into Port Meadow, all you hear is nature. If you look around you, you are surrounded by lush green grass with the occasional puddle. There are some worn paths that lead to the river Thames where you can see boats anchored along the shore and old bridges helping you get to the other side.

IMG_4250If you cross one of those bridges it will lead you to a path that will lead you to a tiny village called Binsey. Binsey only has a total of 9 buildings. 6 cottages, St. Margaret’s Church, with St. Margaret’s Well and the Perch Inn. My professor took us to the Perch Inn where we sipped on delicious cups of hot chocolate, observed a wedding reception, and discussed the mysteries of Alice In Wonderland.

If you ever find yourself in Oxford and its a beautiful day I would definitely check out Port Meadow and Binsey.IMG_4281



Artist Alert: Jake Bugg



I discovered Jake Bugg this past spring while snooping around a record store. I was talking to the owner about the 1975 (when am I not talking about them) and explaining how they sometimes had this old school but at the same time completely unique sound that I hadn’t heard in the music industry before. That’s when he said I had to go home and listen to Jake Bugg. The moment I heard the rough strums of the guitar I realized that Jake Bugg was like nothing in the industry.

With a voice that sounds like a folk toned Buddy Holly and songwriting that has been compared to Bob Dylan it is no surprise to see this 20 year old Nottingham native shooting to the top of the industry. Bugg says that music didn’t really take over his life until the age of 12 and by the time he was 17 years old  he was offered a spot on the Introductory stage at Glastonbury Music Festival 2011 by the BBC. He hadn’t even put out a song on the radio.


He headlined Glastonbury again in June of 2012 before releasing his self-titled debut album in October of 2012. Some of his more known singles like Broken, Two Fingers, and Lighting Bolt came from that album. In 2013 he headlined Glastonbury once again and released his sophomore album Shangri La which features Slumville Sunrise, Me and You, Messed Up Kids and What Doesn’t Kill You. 

He isn’t one for fame and more than often you can find a headline of him complaining about the industry, festivals, and pop music which does make one feel like he is constantly putting down the industry the built him up. I just tell myself that it is the British pessimistic side coming out.
If you enjoyed Mr. Bugg and would like to see more of him he is going to be opening for The Black Keys in the US this fall and going out on his biggest UK headlining tour yet this fall as well.



Oops…I Did It Again

Oops… I did it again. I said I would be back to regular postings and then I went on vacation. Now here we are a week later with no new posts for over a week, and me feeling like the worst blogger in the world. Alas I thumb promise (I don’t believe in pinky promises because people always break them) that I will be back this week with a post every single day! This is what you can look forward to.

An album review

A track review

An Artist Alert

One or two new Remembering Oxford

A book review

An Ode to my Ex

A “mixtape” or a playlist of what I’ve been listening to

and since I’m feeling really guilty…possibly a post about a boy I’ve mentioned once before





Remembering Oxford: The Colleges

I really miss Oxford, like to the point where I’m homesick for it. I figured the best way to tackle this homesickness is to write about it! I decided to create this mini-series to not only gush about one of my favorite places in the world but also to share my knowledge of the city in case you ever find yourself there!

A major part of the trip to Oxford was visiting each of the colleges that make up Oxford University. Often times we could connect a specific college of Oxford to one of the books we read for my literature course. (We read Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, Jude the Obscure, Persuasion, Brideshead Revisited and Antony and Cleopatra in a month) There are 38 colleges that make up Oxford University. I visited 11 of them.


IMG_4578 IMG_4576









The 11 I had the opportunity of touring consisted of All Souls College, Balliol College, Christ Church, Hertford College, Keble College, Magdalen College, Mansfield College, New College, Oriel College, St. John’s College, Trinity College.

IMG_4575 IMG_4464

The colleges of Oxford are unique in the sense that they are all built in the same quadrangle shape. What this means is that there is a wall in the shape of a square or rectangle. Inside of these walls are the colleges quad or greens. No one is allow on the greens unless they are a student or faculty. Inside this wall consists of a building that is in the shape of a rectangle or square. That building is the dorms where the students stay. The actual dorms themselves are stacked on top of each other with no hallways in between so you just take the stairs to your door to get into your room. Inside the quadrangle also consists of the college’s church, academic buildings and dining hall.

IMG_4460 IMG_4449 IMG_4448 IMG_4521

The rooms and buildings above were used as models for Hogwarts Great Hall, outdoor areas, and the Grand Staircase!


IMG_4520 IMG_4439


What I came to realize over the course of many visits to each of the colleges is that they all look very similar mostly because they were all built around the same time. Now I really appreciated everything that I got to see on this trip but after the 8 college I began to grow tired of seeing buildings that all look the same. A tip for someone who is visiting Oxford and wants to see the colleges, hit the major ones that people have most likely heard of.

Christ College

New College

Hertford College 

Trinity College 


IMG_4434 IMG_4431 IMG_4191

No matter what college you get the opportunity to see, keep in mind that they are a place where students study and live and therefore be respectful of the students and the space.